We here at Sport Northland Events offer a refund and transfer policy which we believe is fair and on par with our fellow event organisers.

  • We offer a 50% refund of the registration fees to anyone who is unable to take part in any of our events for any genuine medical reason.

  • The registration systems offers free, online person-to-person transfers of your registration to any other eligible person right up until race start. This is only for certain events.

  • We ask that all participants understand that we do not offer any special terms to anyone – no matter your personal circumstances – outside of these terms.

  • Please do not ask for an exception, you will be disappointed. 


The terms of our refund policy are clearly defined below. Your acceptance of these terms is included within the event waiver that you acknowledged when registering for any of our events:

  1. You must have a genuine medical reason for requesting a refund and we may – at our option – ask you to provide proof of this.

  2. We do not offer refunds for administrative errors on your part or change of mind.

  3. Refunds must be requested at least one calendar month prior to the event. They are *never*, *ever* given after this date.

  4. Refunds are limited to 50% of the original registration fee paid for single event registrations.

  5. In most cases, the refund will be credited directly to the card used to make the original payment and will be made within 48 hours of acceptance of your request. It may take longer than this, however, for your card company to credit your account and this is outside of our hands to influence.

  6. We do not allow deferrals or transfers of registrations to other events. Ever. 

Person-to-Person Transfers

Important! For safety reasons – and to ensure fair and accurate competition – it is absolutely vital that we have the exact name and personal details for everyone taking part in any of our events. If you pass your race number on to any other individual, you *must* tell us about this by following the transfer procedure noted below. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification from the event and potentially your exclusion from all future events we hold.

Person to Person Transfer Procedure

  1. Login to your Dashboard by clicking the MORE link in the menu of any of our web sites.

  2. If you don’t already have an account, follow the prompts to create one and validate your email address.

  3. Once you have validated your email address, your registrations will appear in the Registrations tab.

  4. Find the appropriate Registration and click on the “Details” button.

  5. In the Registration details page, click on Make Changes -> Person-to-Person Transfer.

  6. Complete the details for the new person. You must accept the Event Waiver on their behalf.

  7. Check the box to remove the Registration from your Dashboard if you would like the new person to be able to manage the registration themselves. The registration will then be available to Dashboard of the email address you specify in the transfer.

  8. The new person will need to use the race bib of the original person, so please pass this along if has already been sent out if at all possible to avoid the replacement bib fee.

Deferrals & Event-to-Event Transfers

Can I defer my registration to next year?

  • No. Unfortunately we do not permit event deferrals at any time. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Can I transfer my registration to another of your events?

  • No. Unfortunately we do not permit event transfers at any time. Ever. Under any circumstances.


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