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Northland Half Marathon Series Information and Results

Set a goal to run or walk Northlands popular half marathons as we showcase some stunning locations and provide you with a mixture of trail running and road running events. 

Make the  Northland Half Marathon Series your news years resolution now. You can choose to sign up each event individually or you can sign up to the series pass. The series pass allows you to register into all events with one easy signup.

The first event in the  Northland Half Marathon Series is the BDO Parihaka Trail Run  7 April 2024.

Are you in?



Series Leaderboard:

  • To be eligible to earn points towards the Northland Half Marathon series Leader Board you must enter and start with the 'Run' category for the specified distance. 

  1. BDO Parihaka Trail Run  – 21.1kmkm

  2. Hotprintz Bay of Islands Run/Walk Festival – 22km

  3. Summit Forests Kaitaia Trail Run – 21.1km

  4. NorthCloud Whangarei Run/Walk Festival – 21.1km

  5. 3 Lakes Trail Run – 21.1km 

  6. Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon - 21.1km​

The first five men and women over the finish line (from the run section of the specified distance) will be awarded points based on their finishing place as follows:

  • 1st = 8 Points

  • 2nd = 5 Points

  • 3rd = 3 Points

  • 4th = 2 Points

  • 5th = 1 Points​


  • To be eligible the competitor must be entered in the run section of the specified Half Marathon Leaderboard distance and start at the correct place and time.

  • There is both a men's and women's Leader Board which is open to all ages

  • A dead heat may be called by if some finishers are difficult to separate on the line.

  • In the case of two competitors having equal points after the Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon, the winner will be decided by whoever has the quickest time at the Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon.

  • For events that are timed, placing for Leaderboard points will be determined by gun time.


Recognition: The first placed male & female in the Northland Half Marathon Series event will receive a trophy and free entry into all of the Sport Northland 2025 events and a $100 PAK N SAVE voucher.

Applying for a refund?  


  1. For administrative errors on your part or a change of mind, no refund applies. 

  2. In a situation where you experience an unexpected illness or injury, a medical certificate is REQUIRED. The medical certificate will need to be sent through to with a brief explanation. We will review your email. Your refund isn’t guaranteed.  

  3. A family grievance. 



Sport Northland reserves the right to cancel the Event at any time. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, Sport Northland deciding in its sole discretion cancellation is required due to any sort of dangerous conditions, outbreak of Covid-19 or other communicable disease, natural disaster, acts of war, terrorism and/or similar major event beyond our control.  


If the event cannot be run on the original date, Sport Northland will endeavour to reschedule the event to a new date, with all registrations being automatically transferred. 

Past Results


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