Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon Pace Runners

Sometimes we all just need help and that's ok. We have an awesome bunch of people who have offered their services to enable you to make it to the finish line. Our paces will keep a constant steady pace throughout the event all the while encouraging you. 

Our pacers will have helium balloons attached to them that will hover roughly half a meter of their head. On the balloon marked in vivid will be the expected time eg. 1.30hr, 2.00hr etc. These guys/gals are here to help you so don't be shy go on and introduce yourselves and get ready!

See below your Northland Waste Kerikeri Half Marathon Pace Runners. 

Bella Earl -1:40hr

Fun  Fact 1

I Love Parkrun

Fun Fact 2 

I can hold a plank for 16 mins

Fun fact 3

I love doing tricks on my tramp

Adrian Earl -1:50hr

Fun Fact 1

I Used to weigh 115kg now 71kg

Fun Fact 2

The more I run the more I eat

Fun Fact 3 

I used to beat my kids at running now they beat me

Nick Chen -1:50hr

Fun Fact 1

Running makes you more desirable!

Fun Fact 2

Never too old to run the distance!

Fun Fact 3

Running increases bone density!

Keith Ching - 2:00hr

Fun Fact 1

I lose weight to run, not the other way around ;)

Fun Fact 2 

I've been on intermittent fasting + keto diet for the last 1 year and it's helped my running tremendously

Fun Fact 3 

I am lucky to be able to run to work as part of my commute 4 days a week :)

Nothing beats the joy and relief (and pain) of crossing the finish line with a PB. Other than having a bunch of fellow runners to share it with. So let’s do this together!

Gin Woo - 2:00hr

I remember telling myself, after completing my first ever marathon, never to do it again. The same thing happened again in the next one. And the following one. And the one after...

Michael A Stowers - 2:10hr

Hi, I'm Ironmike Stowers will running as the Super 2h10m Pacer!


I have finished 47 marathons and 16 Ironman races, I am a passionate role model for health and fitness, especially for the Maori and Pasifika communities. I love visiting the Bay of Islands, and the relatives in Kaikohe and Whangarei, the highlight is the beautiful run to Kerikeri each year, and this is my 3rd time as a Pacer and 6th overall, so stick with me if your target is a sub 2h10m

I am a Runstreaker and have been running every day since 1 April 2014, so on race day, it will be 2,427 days of consecutive running. - My motto is Finishing is winning!

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