24 January  2021

win this car

Sponsored by Pacific Motor Group

It could be YOU driving this epic little roadster...


The Suzuki Swift can only be won by an adult Northlander.


Enter any Run/Walk Series event and/or the Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands Beast event and you will secure yourself a chance to win this awesome 2019 Suzuki Swift!

Pacific Motor Group Whangarei have again put this amazing prize up for grabs and could be ALL YOURS... You just have to run or walk for it!

Enter multiple Run/Walk Series events... then you will get multiple entries to the prize draw!

Thank you Pacific Motor Group




Limited Entries 

The Half Marathon entry is open to runners and walkers aged 16 and over. Entry includes personalised race number, finisher medal, electronic timing and much more.

Super Early Bird (50 entries)

$55.00 (sold out)

Early Bird (150 entries)

$65.00 (sold out)

Standard (TBC entries)




BDO .png


Limited Entries 

The 12km entry is open to runners and walkers aged 12 and over. Entry includes personalised race number, finisher medal, electronic timing and much more.

Super Early Bird (50 entries)

$30.00 (sold out)

Early Bird (150 entries)

$35.00 (sold out)

Standard (TBC entries)

$45.00 (sold out)



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Limited Entries

5km is open to all runners and walkers. Entry includes personalised race number, finisher medal, electronic timing and much more.

Super Early Bird (25 entries)

$20.00 (sold out)

Early Bird (25 entries)

$25.00 (sold out)

Standard (TBC entries)




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Frequently asked questions

Where is the start?

You will start this journey from the Whangarei Falls also known as Otuihau Whangarei Falls which is a picturesque waterfall, falling vertically for 26.3 metres over basalt cliffs. Traditionally this area was a good eeling spot for the local Māori and around the turn of the century it was known as a popular picnic spot from Whangarei. In the late 1920's Mr Archibald Clapham bought the property, reputedly to prevent the falls being developed as a commercial watermill. In 1946 a local businessmen's association raised the purchase price by public subscription and the property became a public domain.

What time does it start?

Half Marathon

  • Half Marathon Safety Brief - 7:15am
  • Half Marathon Start Time - 7:30am
  • 12km Safety Brief - 7:40am
  • 12km Start Time- 7:55am
  • 5km Safety Brief - 8:00am
  • 5km Start Time - 8:15am

Where can I park?

You are welcome to park in one of many surrounding streets around the Whangarei Falls or you can head over to the Tikipunga Football Grounds and make the small walk to the start area.

Aid Stations - Where are they?

Half Marathon and 12km Aid Stations will have R-Line Electrolite Drink, water and food to help you get through.

Half Marathon 21km

  • 6km, 11km,15km, 18km and Finish Line
  • 6km, 9km and Finish Line
  • 2km and Finiah Line

Are there cups on course?

No! That's right there are no cups on course! Due to the native bush and Maori Significance of the area we have gone away from paper cups and have sourced some re-usable cups which you can fold down and pop in your pocket. You can purchase cups when you enter or if you have already registered, sign into your dashboard and purchase one there.

Are there toilets on course?

Good question! Make sure you're well aware of toilet placement. No one likes a code brown. 12km

  • 3km, 7km, 10km
  • 3km, 8km, 12km, 15km, 20km
*Toilets are based at the start/finish too.

When and where do I collect my Race Number?

If you entered prior to standard entries and opted for postage then your race number will be posted out. If you opted to collect your race number see below;

  • Pickup location – Sport Northland - 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington.
  • Pickup day - Thursday, 21 January 2021 – 8.00am - 7.00pm
All participants who enter after the cut-off for postage (approx. 21 days out) will need to collect their race number as per above.

Can I transfer to another distance within the event?

You can transfer between distances

  • If you are transferring to a distance that is of lesser value you must have requested this at least one calendar month prior to the event to be eligible for 50% refund. Refunds are *never*, *ever* given after this date.
  • If you are transferring to a distance of higher value you can do so at anytime leading up to the event. You will need to pay the difference in entry price.
  • Participants need to get in contact with events@sportnorth.co.nz for all transfers

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Sport Northland Events are happy to offer FREE online person-to-person transfers right up until race start for any of our events. This is only available through your Dashboard – see details below.

  • Important! For safety reasons – and to ensure fair and accurate competition – it is absolutely vital that we have the exact name and personal details for everyone taking part in any of our events. If you pass your race number on to any other individual, you *must* tell us about this by following the transfer procedure noted below. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification from the event and potentially your exclusion from all future events we hold.
Person to Person Transfer Procedure:
  1. Login to your tiktok Dashboard by clicking the LOGIN link in the menu of any of our web sites.
  2. If you don’t already have an account, follow the prompts to create one and validate your email address.
  3. Once you have validated your email address, your registrations will appear in the Registrations tab.
  4. Find the appropriate Registration and click on the “Details” button.
  5. In the Registration details page, click on Make Changes -> Person-to-Person Transfer.
  6. Complete the details for the new person. You must accept the Event Waiver on their behalf.
  7. Check the box to remove the Registration from your Dashboard if you would like the new person to be able to manage the registration themselves. The registration will then be available to Dashboard of the email address you specify in the transfer.

Can I transfer my registration to another year?

No. Unfortunately we do not permit event transfers at any time. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Can I defer my registration to another year?

No. Unfortunately we do not permit event defferals at any time. Ever. Under any circumstances.

Refunds & Distance Transfers?

  • 75% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 7th of June through to the 6th of August 2020.

  • 50% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 7th of August through to the 22nd of October 2020.

  • 25% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 23rd of October through to the 23rd of December 2020.

No Refunds from the 24th of December 2020

Why can’t I get all my money back?

  • About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items (like a start gantry), marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing.... the list goes on.

  • The big 'hidden' (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. These can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work.

  • We are runners/walkers just like yourself who also enter events and understand from a participant point of view the frustrations of asking for a refund therefor we have done a bit of research and we believe we offer one of the fairest refund policies around.

  • For more information on our refunds policy please follow this link here

Transferring to another distance within the same event

Please email info@sportnorth.co.nz with a brief explanation of your distance transfer request.

  • You cannot transfer to a sold-out event distance.

  • If you decide to upgrade your distance and space is available, you will need to pay the difference of the current entry fees.

  • If you decide to downgrade your event distance and space is available, we are not able to refund the difference in entry fees.

Race Number

  • When transferring between distances you will be allocated a new race number. Race numbers are generally coloured differently to allow us to easily identify which distance you are participating in.

  • If race numbers have been ordered before your request to upgrade or downgrade (your distance) is made, then you will be charged $5 for a new one.

  • If race numbers have not been ordered, then your new race number will be free.

  • Generally, race numbers are ordered 24 day prior to the event.

Is there a luggage drop?

Yes, of course. Please drop any luggage/property off at the adminstration tent and then pick it up over at the start/finish area after your race.

Awards Ceremony

  • At 10:00am we will only be acknowledging place getters for the 21km, 12km and 5km only.

  • We will have spot prizes. If your bib number is showing on the prize board at the finish, make your way to the information tent and collect your prize.


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