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21 NOVEMBER 2020

win this car

Sponsored by Pacific Motor Group

It could be YOU driving this epic little roadster...


The Suzuki Swift can only be won by an adult Northlander.


Enter any Run/Walk Series event and/or the Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands Beast event and you will secure yourself a chance to win this awesome 2019 Suzuki Swift!

Pacific Motor Group Whangarei have again put this amazing prize up for grabs and could be ALL YOURS... You just have to run or walk for it!

Enter multiple Run/Walk Series events... then you will get multiple entries to the prize draw!

Thank you Pacific Motor Group



Team Entry

Half Marathon

The Half Marathon entry is open to runners and walkers aged 16 and over. Entry includes personalised race number, finisher medal, electronic timing and much more.

Super Early Bird (limited to 450 entries or until 05/07/2020)


Early Bird (06/07/2020 - 08/11/2020 )


Standard (02/11/2020 - 19/11/2020)



Corporate Team

Half Marathon

The Half Marathon Corporate Team entry is open to runners and walkers aged 16 and over.  Entry includes personalised race number, finisher medal, electronic timing and much more.

Super Early Bird (limited to 450 entries or until 05/07/2020)


Early Bird (06/07/2020 - 08/11/2020 )


Standard (02/11/2020 - 19/11/2020)



Kerikeri Half Marathon Price

Kerikeri Half Marathon


Half Marathon Kerikeri Price

ASB Kerikeri Half Marathon

21k Run Walk Event Northland

Half Marathon Northland

Kerikeri Half

Run Events Kerikeri

Run Walk Event Kerikeri

Kerikeri 9km Run Walk Event

Team Prize


A minimum of 3 team members (male and female; runner or walkers) must be entered into the half marathon distance.


The top 3 fastest times in the half marathon will be added together. The top 3 times must consist of at least one female. The fastest female time within the team will be used.


The winner of this challenge will be the team who has the fastest aggregate time. The prize is a trophy plus 100 Dollars.


Our Story Starts and Ends with Proudly Local, Proudly 100% Kiwi Owned.

Ten years ago, we put our heads together to take on an opportunity to provide local waste and recycling services to the Northland District in partnership with our local councils. Being proudly 100% Kiwi owned, we knew we had created something special. Still, with an industry dominated by large foreign multinational players with purse strings beyond our wildest dreams, we knew our little Kiwi dream was going to be a real ding-dong battle. We had to be smarter, faster, and do business differently through innovation and bringing our communities with us on our journey to compete with the big offshore companies.  

Fast forward ten years, a lot of hard Mahi and a clear vision, a lot has changed for us, but not in the way we do business or our ‘Little Kiwi vs Goliath’ culture. We have grown to be the third-largest industry player, with over 350 employees in 8 branches located across NZ.

Through a focus on innovation, we have diversified our business to include extensive resource recovery and recycling operations, biofuel and composting initiatives. We are also leading the development of front line technology solutions to help our customers minimise waste to landfill. We strongly support the work all kiwis are doing to create a space for future generations, and what motivates us is to be part of the solutions to create a better future for our grandchildren.

Put simply; sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. We firmly believe that without supporting our communities to thrive, and building long term investments in partnership with the communities we live, we simply will not last the long term. We put a focus on long term sustainable outcomes which underpins ethical choices and doing the right thing always.

We will continue to be locals supporting locals -  as being proudly Kiwi, we know you simply don’t forget your roots, my friend.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the start?

  • The start area will be based on Waiare Road, Okaihau just off State Highway 1.

What time does the event start?

  • Wheelchairs/Race Chairs: 06.55am
  • Runners: 7.00am
  • Competitive Walkers: 7.20am
  • Hybrid (Run/Walkers): 7.25am
  • Walkers: 7.30am
For health & safety reasons the Event Organisers reserve the right to modify the start times if required.

Where can I park on event day?

  • Parking will be available on Kerikeri High Schools grounds. Access will be via the main school entrance on Hone Heke Road (off Cobham Road, approximately 350m past Kerikeri Domain).

What is the bus information?

  • Buses are free
  • Participants will be picked up from Cobham Road from 5:15 am-6.30 am
  • Runners must catch buses before 6:20 am
  • Bus trips from Kerikeri Domain take 30 – 40 minutes.
  • People who wish to catch the bus from Paihia can do so from outside the Fullers GreatSights Paihia Office at 6:10 am. You will be dropped off to the start line.
Buses to return to Paihia from Kerikeri Domain at 1.00 pm Due to the limited availability of parking at the start area, it is strongly recommended that you catch the buses.

How can I purchase merchandise?

  • Please note all Merchandise needs to be pre ordered by 4.00pm Friday 6th November as we need to have merchandise printed in time for collection.
  • Pick up location - Northland Sports House, Sport Northland - 97 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei - Thursday 19 November, 8.30am - 6.00pm
Pick up location - Kerikeri Sport Complex, Cnr Heritage Bypass & Waipapa Road, Kerikeri -Friday 20 November, 12.00pm - 8.00pm

When and where is prizegiving?

  • Prize giving will be held on the Kerikeri Domain at approximately 12.00pm.
  • Prizes will be given to the following categories. Top 3 Male and Female Finishers. Top 3 Male and Female Competitive Walkers. Overall Wheelchair/Race chair Winner.
  • Participants must be present at prizegiving and show their event number to claim their spot prize.
  • The spot prize draw: There will a be rip off tag at the bottem of your race number. If you are going to stay around for the prize giving at 12pm please rip off the tag and place it in the Sport Prize Container after you cross the finish line.
  • In the case of bad weather leading to the cancellation of prize giving, all prize winners will be notified the week following the event and listed on the event website and Facebook.
The Suzuki Swift from Pacific Motor Group will be won by a Northland adult entrant from the seven-event series who has opted into the Pacific Motor Group Promotion at of entry.

Are there any road closures?

  • An official road closure has been approved. Marshals will not allow public vehicle access onto the event route at times listed on the map here

What is the course information?

  • Assemble at the SH1/ Waiare Road junction, south of Okaihau. This fast-scenic course begins with an initial 7km gradual climb with two distinct hills. The remaining 14kms is mainly downhill. The course narrows for the final 3km into the Kerikeri township, from the roundabout on SH10. Upon reaching Kerikeri township, participants will turn right onto Hobson Avenue (at the roundabout), then left onto Cobham Road, to then enter the Kerikeri Domain. Participants will continue running approx. 250m to the finish.

Will there be drink stations on course?

  • Drink Stations are located approximately every 3km including the finish.
  • There is a limited water supply at the start - please fill your water bottles at home prior to the event.
There is a self-service drink station located at the Kerikeri domain.

Will there be toilets available?

Toilets are located at the start and finish as well as;

  • 3km
  • 5km
  • 10km
  • 15km
  • 18km

Can I bring a pram or skate board?

  • Due to health and safety planning, no wheeled conveyances (e.g. skateboards, roller blades, prams) are permitted in this event.

Is the event timed?

  • The event will use a timing system. All entrants will have their time recorded by an electronic strip connected to the back of their event number.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are wearing the event number that has been registered to you.
  • Please do not mix these up with other participants.
Gun time will be used for official results.

What can I do with my gear?

  • There will be a luggage truck at the start to pop your luggage on. There will also be luggage labels with the marshels. Please clearly write down your race number and tie the label to your bag and hand it to our marshels at the luggage truck at the start line.
  • You will be required to bring your own bag for your gear. This makes it easier for the marshals to locate it for you.
  • You can collect your bag from the truck at the finish area on the Kerikeri Domain before 12.30pm (event numbers must be shown).
  • All gear will be taken on the luggage truck, but event organisers will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen gear.

Refunds & Distance Transfers?

  • 75% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 21st of July through to the 20th of August 2020.

  • 50% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 21st of August through to the 19th of September 2020.

  • 25% refund - individuals withdrawing from the 20th of September through to the 20th of October 2020.

No Refunds from the 21st of October 2020

Why can’t I get all my money back?

  • About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items (like a start gantry), marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing.... the list goes on.

  • The big 'hidden' (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. These can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work.

  • We are runners/walkers just like yourself who also enter events and understand from a participant point of view the frustrations of asking for a refund therefor we have done a bit of research and we believe we offer one of the fairest refund policies around.

  • For more information on our refunds policy please follow this link here

Transferring to another distance within the same event

Please email with a brief explanation of your distance transfer request.

  • You cannot transfer to a sold-out event distance.

  • If you decide to upgrade your distance and space is available, you will need to pay the difference of the current entry fees.

  • If you decide to downgrade your event distance and space is available, we are not able to refund the difference in entry fees.

Race Number

  • When transferring between distances you will be allocated a new race number. Race numbers are generally coloured differently to allow us to easily identify which distance you are participating in.

  • If race numbers have been ordered before your request to upgrade or downgrade (your distance) is made, then you will be charged $5 for a new one.

  • If race numbers have not been ordered, then your new race number will be free.

  • Generally, race numbers are ordered 24 day prior to the event.

Series Pass Refunds?

The Series pass for 2020 was launched with cheaper entry rates in the hope it would encourage participants to purchase both and enjoy the experience of 2 great northland half marathons. The terms of our refund policy are clearly defined below. Your acceptance of these terms is included within the event waiver that you acknowledged when registering for any of our events: Refunds Please note the Kerikeri and Whangarei in this instance is of the same dollar value e.g. if you paid $120.00 for your series pass each event would be worth $60.00.

  • Each event has its own refund structure consisting of the following: 75% refunds, 50% refunds, and 25% refunds. After a specified date there will be no refunds.
  • Your refund is based on each events refund percentage structure which can be found under the events FAQ refunds section.
  • You must have a genuine medical reason for requesting a refund and we may – at our option ask you to provide proof of this.
  • For administrative errors on your part or change of mind the current refund percentage applies. Please refer to each to the events FAQ’s under "Refunds".
  • In most cases, the refund will be credited directly to the card used to make the original payment and will be made within 48 hours of acceptance of your request. It may take longer than this, however, for your card company to credit your account and this is outside of our hands to influence.
  • In a situation where you experience an unexpected illness or injury, a medical certificate is REQUIRED. The medical certificate will need to be sent through to with a brief explanation. Once we have received the medical certificate, Sport Northland events will refund 75% of the registration fee.

Race Number & Merchendise Collections

Race Numbers and Merchendise must be collected from the locations below: Merchendise

We apologize as there has been a slight delay with the merchandise, but don’t' worry we are working around the clock to get theses ready for you albeit a little later on Thursday!

If you ordered merchandise please note this won’t be available for collection until 3:00pm on Thursday, so if you’ve ordered merch please delay grabbing your bib number until then.

Merchandise (or race number) will be ready for collection at the times and locations below.

  • Sport Northland office - 97 Western Hills Drive, Kensington, Whangarei 0112
  • Thursday, 19th of November 2020 - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm. If you did not pre purchase merchendise you can still come in and pick up your race number from 8am - 6pm.


  • Kerikeri Sports Complex - Cnr Heritage Bypass & Waipapa Road, Kerikeri
  • Friday, 20th of November 2020 - 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your patience.

Alternatively, you can collect your race number the morning of the event from the start lines. However, we advise picking it up from the organised locations you see stated above to avoid any potential issues and queues.


Photos4sale provides a robust online platform capable of handling large numbers of images. Images are identified by bib numbers (by human eye for accuracy and flexibility) and then offered for sale directly to athletes. We believe in the honesty and judgment of our customers and offer images with no fixed price. Photos4sale customers pay what they want!

Ferry from Russell to Paihia

The Russell ferry will be departing Russell at 5:45am and arriving at the Paihia wharf at 6am event morning.

Is there a team prize?

Yes! A minimum of 3 team members (male and female; runner or walkers) must be entered into the half marathon distance. The top 3 fastest times in the half marathon will be added together. The top 3 times must consist of at least one female. The fastest female time within the team will be used. The winner of this challenge will be the team who has the fastest aggregate time. The prize is a trophy plus 100 Dollars.


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