28 AUGUST 2021


The Fullers Great Sights Bay of Islands Beast is an off-road, cross country event that is hosted by Sport Northland Events and is in the picturesque Bay of Islands.

The Beast is having it's the fifth birthday this year, so get down and dirty and celebrate. This event offers one distance of 7km. The course encompasses some steep hills, uneven terrain, mud and a whole lot of fun.

​The event attracts a diverse range of participants from all walks of life, cultures and ages attracting around 1000 participants annually.

Are you in?  

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Welcome to the Bay of Islands, the birthplace of our nation, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Explore this subtropical area, known for its stunning beauty and fascinating history, on the sheltered east coast of Northland. Discover the hidden secrets of the Bay of Islands, see marine wildlife at play and experience New Zealand's warmest waters.


Super Early Bird

(50 entries)


Early Bird

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(17/08/20 - 26/08/20)



What you get for your entry:

  • Professionally timed event

  • Postage of bib

  • Return bus trip

  • Medal

  • Entertainment on course 

  • Personalised bib​

  • Over 50 spot prizes

  • Medical Support

  • Drink Stations/Electrolyte

  • Portaloos

  • MC/DJ at the start/finish

  • Wash down station

Entries open soon

Welcome to the Bay of Islands, the birthplace of our nation, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Explore this subtropical area, known for its stunning beauty and fascinating history, on the sheltered east coast of Northland. Discover the hidden secrets of the Bay of Islands, see marine wildlife at play and experience New Zealand's warmest waters.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the start?

  • Paihia, Northland - approx. 10km along Puketona Rd from Paihia. There is no parking. Please see bus information.

What time does the event start?

  • 11.00am – all participants MUST be at the safety briefing by 10.45am
  • The Event Organisers reserve the right to modify the start times if required

How do I get to and from the start?

  • ALL participants to catch free buses which will depart from Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands Maritime Building, Marsden Road, Paihia from 9.00am until 10.30am. Bus trips from Paihia take 20mins.
  • Spectators can catch the buses but will need to have pre purchased a $10.00 bus ticket with an online registration, participants will have priority.
  • There will be a limited number of spectator Bus Tickets for sale on event day.
  • All participants and spectators will be returned to Paihia post event starting from 11.30am.
  • All muddy shoes/ boots will need to be removed and stored under the bus.
  • Please listen to announcements on the day for bus availability.

Are there drink stations and toilets on course?

  • This event is cup less. Either bring your own water bottle or you can buy one of re-usable cups.
  • There will be one drink station positioned on course (Subject to conditions).
  • Toilets are located at the start/finish area.
  • There will be no toilets on course.
  • We advise you to bring a drink bottle or source of water with you.

What is the course like?

  • Approx. 6km
  • The course is held off road on farmland and includes a range of natural obstacles. Participants will be required to navigate swamps, rivers, fences, climb steep hills and traverse rugged uneven terrain in possibly cold weather and rain.

What should I wear/bring with me?

  • We recommend ThermaTech’s great range of merchandise we have available on our website when you enter.
  • It is compulsory to wear covered in shoes during the event and should be taped on to prevent loss in the mud/creeks.
  • Football or rugby boots with studs are acceptable, however, boots with aluminium studs or running spikes are not permitted.
  • It could be cold, and you will get wet and muddy, therefore you will need to bring with you a towel, dry set of clothes, warm hat, jumper, plastic bag and dry shoes following the event.

Are there showers ?

  • There are no showers available however the Paihia Volunteer Fire Brigade will be hosing participants off once finished (if you would like to be hosed off) before catching the shuttle bus back into Paihia, so bring a towel. This will be cold water so one last chance to get that heart rate up at the event!

What should I do with my gear while I am out on course?

  • Gear bags can be checked in at the luggage truck near the start/finish area and collected post-event.
  • All care will be taken with the gear bags, but event organisers will not accept responsibility for lost or stolen gear.

How do I get my race bib?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the impact that had on us; All bibs will need to be collected. We encourage all participants to collect before Saturday if possible.

Sport Northland - 93 Western Hills Drive, Kensington.

  • Time and Day - Thursday 27 August 8:30 am - 5.00 pm
  • Time and Day - Friday 28 August 8:30 am - 5.00pm

Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands

  • Time and Day - Saturday 29 August 8:30 am - 10.00 am

Can I dress up?

  • This event is all about having a good time, so have some fun in the lead up by getting set with an awesome fancy dress costume (make sure it can handle hills!).

How do I see the photo's taken during the event?

  • Photos taken at the event will be available to view on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sportnorthlandeventsFinisher’s certificates and results will be available online at www.thebeast.co.nz post event.

What is the event safety information?

  • The event is held on private land, please always respect the owners land and animals.
  • Take extreme care throughout the course, as it is off road and includes rugged uneven terrain.
  • Where there is a marked-out area for participants, you are always required to remain within the area.
  • Marshals will be wearing high-visibility vests and are there for your safety. Always follow their instructions and those of the event organisers.
  • The course will be clearly marked, this will be explained at the safety briefing on event day.
  • Please do not touch any of the fences as some of them are electric, only follow the marked course.
  • Please be aware that the course contains bee keeping boxes in areas, which means there will be bees so please keep this in mind while on course.
  • A tail marshal will be following the last participant. If assistance is required, please stop and wait for the tail marshal or notify the nearest marshal.
  • No animals are permitted to accompany participants during the event or allowed on the property.
  • Children under the age of 15 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • As you will be running through mud, crossing rivers and handling rope to assist you getting up and down hills below are a few precautions to limit the possibilities of getting sick/injured/infections/cuts and/or bruises.
  • Do not swallow any mud or get any in your mouth
  • Cover any cuts/scratches to ensure they do not get infected–seek medical advice prior to the event if unsure
  • When entering mud, please be cautious and be aware of what may lie beneath as there could be branches etc. that could cause you to trip or cut yourself (over time after hundreds of participants have been through it, it gets deeper and may churn up old branches etc.)
  • Be cautious entering any mud as you don’t know how deep it is
  • If you are sick on event day or in the days leading up to it, do not participate. Your illness may be contagious and may put other participants at risk.
  • Wear gloves to assist with grip and to avoid rope burn.
  • Tape and/or support ankles to avoid sprains as this course is on a farm and the terrain is rugged.
  • Wear long leggings, socks and long sleeves as there is gorse, branches etc. on the course (we have cut branches etc. overhanging the course but can’t get it all)

How will I know if the event is cancelled?

  • In the unlikely event of cancellation, notice will be given on Northland's More FM 91.6 and posted on the Sport Northland Events Facebook page. Where possible attempts will be made to email participants, who have supplied an email address with their entry. While we endeavour to decide to cancel an event as early as possible, due to the nature of such events, situations can change quickly and without warning close to the start of an event.

Deferel to 2021, Full value credit to another event or Refund options

There are three options.
Like just about all events of this nature, our terms and conditions state there are no refunds. This is because About 60-70% of costs are incurred (and spent!) well before race week begins. There are staff costs (wages), purchasing capital items, marketing, accommodation, clothing, medals, timing; the list goes on. The big 'hidden' (because you will never see them) costs are associated with health and safety compliance, operational planning, people planning, landowner access etc. This can (and do) add up to hundreds of hours of work. Because of this, like most event organisers, our refund terms and conditions do not allow for refunds; however, these are, of course, exceptional circumstances.

We want to do the best we can by you. Therefore we have three options which will help us maintain an events programme going forward and be as fair as possible.

Number one

We want you to experience everything that is the Beast, so we have automatically deferred your entry to the 2021 Fullers GreatSights Bay of Islands Beast, tentatively booked in for August 28 2021.

Number two

If you can't make this date or don't want this option, we will offer you a credit to the full value of your entry fee for any other Sport Northland event up until August 30 2021.

Number three

If the first two options are not for you, we will offer a partial refund. Should you choose to withdraw your entry from the - 2021 event; we can refund 50% of your entry fee.

You have until September 29, 2020, to make a decision.

Prizegiving/Spot Prizes

Place getters will be acknowledged at the finish area at approximately 12:30pm

  1. Men's winner trophy
  2. Women's Winner trophy
  3. Team winner trophy (fastest time based on average of all team members)
  4. Best Dressed Prize
We have over 50 spot prizes so make sure you check to see if your number is showing on the spot prize board, if it is then you are a winner. Head over to the admin tent to collect your prize.

Under 12 Dispensation Form

  • Guidance provided by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) is that the recommended maximum competition distances for children aged 11 years and younger are 5 km.
  • Special dispensation to participants under the age of 12 may be granted in certain cases. Please note that if granted your entry will only be accepted with legal guardian or parent stating competence for the event entered and also adequate supervision on event day. Please allow up to 5 working days for your application to be processed.
  • Note: All participants under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the event and the accompanying adult takes full responsibility for the safety of the entrant under 12.
To fill in the Under 12 Dispenastion form, please click here